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My Updated Story w/ Photos

While gearing up to write a “year in review” type article, I, once again, find myself in awe of what I have been blessed enough to accomplish during the last 3 years of my Fitness Journey.  As I was going … Continue reading

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P90X and P90X2 Lessons Learned

As I mentally gear up for the release of P90X3, I have been reflecting back on the things I’ve learned about myself during my fitness journey, and a big part of that journey has been the workouts led by Mr. … Continue reading

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Act like a Lady, lift like a BEAST

Weight training, at any age, has many benefits.  As men and women reach middle age, bones tend to weaken and the metabolism slows down – but strength training with weights and resistance bands can slow down the deterioration.  Most days … Continue reading

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Team Members Everywhere

On July 28th, Frank and I ran in the Warrior Dash in Mt. Morris, MI together.  It was a ton of fun!  Last year I ran it with a group of people I met through my girlfriend, Marion, and it … Continue reading

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Hot Air Balloon

This evening Frank and I worked out with Tony Horton in V-Sculpt, which is a wild upper body workout from P90X2.  It is a great mix of pull-ups, different styles of curls with either bands or weights, and lots of … Continue reading

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Bargaining Tool

Last night Frank and I switched it up a little and did Interval X from the P90X+ workout program.  It was super fun, and just what we needed!  I like the interval type workouts with Tony because he has you … Continue reading

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These Knees

Plyometric exercises – often shortened to just “Plyo” – is a popular form of training designed to produce fast and powerful movements.  The majority of Beachbody programs incorporate some form of plyo into their workouts because it has been shown … Continue reading

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