The Journey Starts Here!

Welcome to team ChiseledBranches!  If you are looking for Extreme, Incredible, Infomercial-style results, I’m pleased to inform you that you are in the right place!  This website is where members of team ChiseledBranches come for fitness advice, nutrition information, and support during their fitness journey.  This started as a small community, and is growing day-by-day into an army of committed people who have seen my results and wanted to follow in my footsteps in order to get MORE out of their Beachbody programs by learning how to best invest their time and energy.

aboutI am Kimberly Bostwick, an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, and I am here to help you set goals, stay focused on your goals, and attain and surpass them!  Joining this team will blow the roof off your limits!  I founded team ChiseledBranches after I took on P90X and Insanity and earned some awesome results!  I never imagined I would have an infomercial type transformation when I started my first Beachbody workout program!  My success has been a blessing and a huge surprise that has positively impacted my life in ways I am still realizing!

There is a great arsenal of Beachbody workout programs to choose from, and one of my goals as your Beachbody Coach is to help you reach all of your goals while being a good steward of your money.  There IS a way to get awesome results using these programs while staying within your budget!  This online hub for team ChiseledBranches is a great source of inspiration to people who are taking on a fitness journey, or improving their health and nutrition.

These programs are truly challenging – there is great deal of work, sweat, and hours of effort invested in the results you see here and across the world wide web.  I am confident that you, like me, will grow to love the variety and the journey that involves how to train your body to meet new demands placed upon it, and to surpass the level of fitness you ever thought you would be capable of!  What I need from you is your commitment.  If you are committed to me, your personal growth, the workouts, the nutrition, and the supplements I am positive that you will be blown away by your success.  You will find limitless passion here, expressed both by me, and by your fellow team members.  That passion, if not already smoldering within you, will take fire when you immerse yourself in this culture of fit minded people.

My fitness journey is still being written – and I am thankful for being blessed with the will and ability to BRING IT!  I have been loving the connections this business has been helping me form with people since January 2012 when I became a coach.  I had no clue what was in store for me when I started my fitness journey with P90X in December 2010.  Since day one, in the words of Tony Horton, I’ve been focusing on doing my best and forgetting the rest!  I’m doing my best to spread the passion – and to live my life in a pay-it-forward fashion.  If you are here, chance are you are looking to do the same!

By the way, joining my team doesn’t cost a thing – your dues are paid with your commitment to change, your positive attitude, sweat and hard work!

Do you want to join team ChiseledBranches?  Click here for more info on how to make it happen!

Do you have questions?  Post them in the comments section of this post, or of any of the other articles you read on this website, and I will be glad to answer them.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy looking around!


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