My Preference is…

My writing is often inspired by things that are totally not fitness related…but my brain plays the through the connection game and I end up with an entertaining idea that becomes an article in my mind long before I actually have time to write it down.  While Frank was out of town this week I found myself gazing at my entirely-too-energetic dogs and wondering if they would prefer to burn off energy by fetching and running in the yard, or by going on a good long (please-let-them-be-tired-when-we-return) walk.  We did a good deal of both this week, and I can say that Dingo thankfully was worn out, while Fred was NOT (“What’s next?” he asks with his flashing brown eyes and pumped up body language).  This got me thinking about my preferences…and this is a little survey I’d like to share.  I’ll provide my thoughts – and then you can share yours in the comments!

1.  What is your preference when it comes to ab work – standing or traditional? 

I love the burn of traditional high rep, on your back crunches but I do not enjoy them in the moment!  Cathe Friedrich is famous for these in the ab workouts I own of hers.  It gets the job done…but I would much prefer standing ab work that I get with knee-pulls, balance work, and kickboxing. 

2.  What is your preference –  squats or lunges? 

My preference is the squat!  This is a hard one for me though, because there are so many variations of each.  I chose squats because I have a permanent image of Tanya, and her flawless squats she does during Insanity, forever burned into my minds eye.  Pulling the hips forward at the top to really engage the core – I love that feeling!  Add weights or not. Add a jump or not.  Speed them up, slow them down.  I know – its a little twisted, but I clearly love them.tanya

3.  What is your preference – running when its snowy or when its rainy?

There is nothing quite like a good rain storm.  When is the last time you enjoyed a good downpour?  Years ago I lived in an apartment on a golf course and I preferred to run the course during a good rain – because I would have the whole place to myself.  Plus, I am convinced that it is extremely healthy for my hair and skin;)  Fred will run with me any time, and I’m pretty sure if I asked he would say running in the snow is his preference because he can scoop up mouth-fulls whenever he gets thirsty! 

4. Do you prefer having your rest day on a day off or a work day? 

In the X3 Challenge group, someone said they were going to be starting a few days earlier than the rest of the group because they prefer the rest day to fall on a work day.  That got me thinking.  I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I would much rather have my rest day be on a day off because my job is so sedentary.  If I don’t get in some serious movement after being chair-bound all day, then I am no fun to be around, and I get stiff!

5.  Do you prefer cooking or dining out?

No one cares about my own nutrition as much as I do – so cooking is the clear winner here!  There are plenty of ways to have a nutritious meal when dining out also, but it takes more effort – thinking about healthy substitutions to request, and smuggling in my own dressing;)

6.  Do you prefer working out in the morning or evening?  

I can make either work, and do love starting my day with a good pump, but with our work schedules that would mean pressing play at about 3:30 am.  No thank you.  I could probably work it out to get into work later, in order to do a workout in the morning, but that would mean I would lose my workout partner – which does not sound appealing AT ALL!  Evening workouts are the name of the game in this house!

7.  For resistance workouts, do you prefer light and high reps or heavy and low reps?

Go heavy or go home!  I saw my greatest gains in strength while going super heavy during Frank and I’s first round of Body Beast.  It changed all my other workouts because I have a much better idea of what my absolute max weight is for any given move.  I can push myself alot harder now, and it feels great!  I can’t deny my soft spot for some of Chalene’s workouts where we do a “bajillion” bicep curls with light weight though.  “How many curls did you do today?!” 

8.  Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla whey protein? 

Oh my, I don’t really have to chose do I?  I would go with vanilla whey if I had to.  Mainly because I can mix it with my chocolate Shakeology, but also still make my Greek Yogurt Blueberry Pancakes.

At least I don’t have to answer a question about my preference in a Beachbody trainer;)  We all know that would be the hardest one for me to answer!

Keep bringing it team!



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