Enjoy the Journey

lakebaikalTruly living in the moment is one of the most challenging ongoing aims of mine.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great to set milestones, goals, and make plans that you look forward to.  Vacations to count down to, special dates with friends, waiting anxiously for the winter season to roll on by.  The caution here, is that you don’t want to look forward to tomorrow so much that you miss out on what TODAY has to offer.

We all have things that we want to improve upon in our lives.  For some of us that thing is personal, professional, moral, or physical, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with aiming to improve yourself.  During this continuous improvement, though, be sure to slow down a little to really live in the moment.   Enjoy your journey!  One of my favorite quotes, which I believe is linked to an american physisict who collaborated with Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein is:

Time is nature’s way of preventing everything from happening at once.”                – John Archibald Wheeler

I had this quote posted on the edge of my book shelf over my desk while I was working as a graduate student researcher.  I remember finding some solace in it when I felt the weight of many deadlines and the ever lacking time to get everything accomplished that I needed to.  In the hectic moments it helped me to remember that each hour contains 60 minutes, and each day contains 24 hours.  I would say “Kimberly – Make the most of the minutes you have, and it will come together.”  If you all didn’t realize by now that I am a true optimist (which I came about honestly, by either nature or nurture), then I’m sure that these last few sentences made that fact startlingly clear!

It seems like often we are wishing time away, or wishing for it to slow down.  Well…since we haven’t figured out how to do either of those…and we’ve seen how terribly wrong it went for Adam Sandler in the 2006 movie Click – take the time to stop and appreciate what you accomplish daily, no matter now small and insignificant that accomplishment may seem at the time.  You might be surprised when you look back and remember that moment as a milestone, even though it may not have felt like one at the time.

All the best,

Coach Kimberly

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