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When I learned that a new flavor of Shakeology was being released on Monday, January 13th, 2014 – I had one phrase on repeat in my mind.  “Please let it be peanut butter flavor.”  “Please let it be peanut butter flavor!”

I have been using Shakeology daily for just over 2 years.  I’m a chocolate girl – though I have tried all of the other flavors.  I managed to use the 30-day bags of the other flavors, but didn’t enjoy them nearly as much as the original chocolate flavor.  In order of deliciousness I rank them as follows:

1. Original Chocolateshakeo

2. Original Vanilla

3. Vegan Chocolate

4. Vegan Tropical Strawberry

5. Greenberry

I was nearly holding my breath as I waited for the page to load on Beachbody’s website that would announce the new flavor.  I was flashing back to the lengthy survey I participated in Summer 2013 that asked which flavors of Shakeology would I be interested in seeing Beachbody make.  There were several that sounded great, but clearly I was pulling for Peanut Butter all along…because that’s the only option that really stuck in my memory;)  The new flavor is Strawberry!  I know – not nearly as exciting as Peanut Butter, but I’ll continue wishing and waiting;)

In the past when I wanted to try a new flavor I would change one of my monthly auto ship bags of chocolate to the new flavor (a single time change, not reoccurring).  I was a little hesitant to want to do that for this new Strawberry flavor that is being released tomorrow since I wasn’t a huge fan of Tropical Strawberry.  Fortunately, I don’t have to this time because I was able to sample it this weekend!  It is pretty good – I think I would make it my new #4.  The texture and flavor was much different than Tropical Vegan – so if you like making fruit shakes, this would be a great option for you.

I began drinking Shakeology in January 2012 during my first round of P90X2.  I really got great results with that program, and I think it is due in large part to the fact that I began really nourishing my body.  Instead of just breaking it down with killer workouts, I finally started putting the effort into making sure I was giving it back the macro and micro nutrients my joints, muscles, and bones needed to continue functioning at the level I was asking.  There are more than 70 different ingredients chosen for Shakeology from around the world – based on their potency and ability to deliver the nutrients your body needs.  I think the biggest difference I noticed was in my digestion and regularity.  I know – we don’t talk about that sort of thing – but after about a week I felt totally different.  My body responds well to the combination of prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes in shakeology, in a way that nothing else was able to do for me.  A major win in my book!  This isn’t uncommon, from the success stories I’ve seen.

Shakeology is marketed as a meal replacement shake – which is fitting – because it is fulfilling and loaded with the benefits of rare superfoods that we don’t typically get elsewhere in our diets.  But, it’s much more than that to me because it represents an investment in my HEALTH that I hadn’t been making before.  Sure, I had been working on the fitness side of my overall health for a little over a year when I started Shakeology…but I hadn’t paid much attention to nutrition – which is where about 80% of our success lies!  Shakeology holds me accountable to keeping my nutrition clean – because what is the point of drinking an awesome-nutrition packed-expensive shake every day if I’m going to make bad food decisions for the rest of the day?  That wouldn’t make sense!  So my investment in Shakeology makes me want to make good decisions all around.  It is more “valuable” than “expensive” when you think about it from that point of view.

If you search the internet for more information on Shakeology – you will see two camps of people.  The first camp is made up of the people who think it is too expensive, and probably not worth the money (~$4 / serving).  The second camp is made up of success stories.

For many people, taking on a fitness program simply doesn’t fit right now – and for those people – and for those who are already on their fitness journey – I encourage you to join teamChiseledBranches Shakeology Challenge.  This is a 60-day challenge group that I will be opening on January 20th, 2014 to teamChiseledBranches members (Join the team here) who purchase any flavor of Shakeology and are ready to commit themselves to drinking 1 shake a day for 60 days.

This Facebook Challenge Group isn’t just for me to post my favorite recipes for the different flavors, or sharing healthy eating tips, it is for team members to ask questions, get answers, and connect with others going through the same journey.  Shakeology is great by itself, but variety is the spice of life, and you’ll find that there are so many small additions you can make to your daily shake to make it seem like a new experience each time.

Let me know if you are up for the challenge in the comments below, and I will add you to the Facebook group.  Read more about Shakeology, and order it here to get ready for our DAY 1 on January 20th!

All the best,

Coach Kimberly

FYI:  Also, keep in mind that Beachbody offers a bottom of the bag guarantee.  I mention this because I have a girlfriend who is breastfeeding right now, and found Shakeology to give her new born gas!  Things like this come up, and if it doesn’t work for your body (or your little one, in this case;) – Beachbody honors the guarantee with a full refund if you return the bag within 30-days.

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3 Responses to Shakeology Challenge Group

  1. Christina Balagna says:

    Hola chica! You really motivate as you write. What meal do you typically replace with a Shakeology shake for best results?

    • Hey Christina! Thanks:) I’m glad you feel it! I have found that my Shakeology fits best for me as a mid-morning snack. I typically eat breakfast around 4:45, and its my largest meal of the day (oatmeal with fruit, peanut butter, and a natural protein mixed in), then a banana or apple around 8, and my Shake around 10. I initially started this because I found that late morning was when I was consuming empty calories, or carb-ing up. It is fulfilling enough that I make it to my ~1pm lunch time with no problem. I’m not as concerned about the carbs as I was when I was following the fat shredder nutrition plan (which I wrote about in a few articles, here and here), but I find that it really makes the difference for keeping me energized at work, so I’ve continued drinking it at that time. What do you normally do for breakfast? You might find it works well for you there, or if you have a hard time making good decisions for afternoon snacks. That was Frank! He’d get home and go for the nuts and cereals because he needed something to hold him over until dinner. Having his Shakeology then, or a chocolate whey protein shake has helped him a lot. Do you have an account with MyFitnessPal?

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