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How to Thrive in the New Year

“Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.” – John Keats Try something new in 2014.  Create a new experience for yourself and see what you learn from it.  Challenge yourself and your normal routine to include something new.   It’s … Continue reading

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Complex Upper – P90X3

The description of Complex Upper – one of the elite workouts in the the deluxe package – says that it is a 30-minute workout that features alternating weighted resistance and explosive movements to help you achieve absolute upper-body strength and … Continue reading

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My Updated Story w/ Photos

While gearing up to write a “year in review” type article, I, once again, find myself in awe of what I have been blessed enough to accomplish during the last 3 years of my Fitness Journey.  As I was going … Continue reading

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Time for Joy

Merry Christmas Eve!  I have high hopes that everyone reading this post is finding themselves enjoying their holiday season! Sometimes, it can be challenging to find time for joy amidst the hustle bustle.  Like anything, we must find the balance, … Continue reading

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