P90X and P90X2 Lessons Learned

As I mentally gear up for the release of P90X3, I have been reflecting back on the things I’ve learned about myself during my fitness journey, and a big part of that journey has been the workouts led by Mr. T. Horton.  I celebrated my day 1000 on Sept 4th – my celebration workout of choice was from P90X+, the Interval X+ workout.  It is a fun one, and there are several moves that, while being pretty hard, make me laugh.  I really enjoy the majority of workouts I do with Tony – I think because he gives that subtle reminder to enjoy the journey.  Really, that’s what its all about!  If you don’t enjoy yourself, and really soak up what a good thing you are doing for your life and health, then you probably won’t come back tomorrow for the next one.  I wouldn’t have made it this far without the variety I get from other trainers to keep things fresh, but he keeps me coming back.  Plus, I sometimes get Tony’s quotes in duplicate because Frank knows them and will say them…loudly…just moments before the words come out of Tony’s mouth.  He has given me a number of slogans that I apply to more than just my approach to my workouts.

“Do your best and forget the rest.”

“You try, and you try, and you try, and you can’t.  Then, one day, you do one.”

“Imagine you’ve got to do a hundred of them.”

“Take in the fact that you just did that.”

“Quality over quantity.”

“Focus on the present moment.  Stay in it.”

When Tony was asked to explain the differences between P90X and P90X2 this was what he said:

P90X was the first extreme home fitness program. It uses the method known as muscle confusion to help you get in the best shape of your life. P90X2 is all about taking strong, fit bodies and turning them into athletic bodies. It’s athletic training using stabilization and balance. P90X is for almost anyone–from a professional football player to someone who weighs 200 lbs. and wants to lose weight. But, P90X2 would be a difficult choice for people who have a lot of weight to lose.”

P90X is definitely extreme.  I never imagined doing workouts like this at home.  P90X Chest and Back taught me that I can do way more push-ups that I ever thought I was capable of.  I never used, or had considered setting “personal bests” in my workouts before P90X or P90X2.  I appreciate the quote “the only person you need to be better than is the you of yesterday,” but I hadn’t made the extension to my physical performance.  I learned not to be concerned with how many dive bombers Drea can do in the allotted amount of time, I just need to aim to beat my last PB.  It really fuels the inner fire – though I still enjoy seeing if I’m keeping up with the various people on the workouts…because they are hard core, like me.  Drea made modified push-ups beautiful and graceful, which inspired me to try them with her different plays on the form.  I learned that modified push-ups aren’t weak or girly, they are a necessary adjustment to fit your current needs.  They help me reach my next PB because once I reach the point where I can’t do anymore with perfect form on my toes, if I have time remaining before they move on to the next move, then I do as many additional ones on my knees.

P90X taught me how to do plyometric based workouts safely.  Quality over quantity – though eventually you can have both!  P90X2 taught me how to take that base and incorporate even more control and balance into an already challenging move.  I don’t know if I completely agree with Tony’s explanation of the difference between X and X2, because I think that with the right mindset and dedication even a person who is not super fit when they begin X2 could end up with a very sculpted physique.  However, I guess the disclaimer is built right into that statement – because someone who is not already at some standard level of fitness would likely find the compound movements and stabilization exercises really frustrating.  The main challenge would be to persevere and focus on improvement rather than mastery.  Honestly, there is always room for improvement, which is why I keep showing up.  Or that is at least one of the reasons!

Tony was asked if people who aren’t athletes would still find P90X2 accessible, his response was:

“Absolutely! You don’t have to be an athlete to do P90X2. But I don’t create programs where you can do things poorly and expect to get results. You have to understand portions of X2 are very challenging, but with persistence you will be able to do many things you never thought possible.”

That response is very honest, and I think it hints at the fact that you don’t just show up…that’s part of it, because sometimes when you press play your mind isn’t in the game yet.  We all have off days, but you do it anyway, and never regret it.  Even larger than that is being honest with yourself about how well rounded your nutrition plan is, and if it is suitable for your current goals.  Is it?  You can’t expect to do your nutrition poorly and expect to get results either.  Lol!  And as I think about that, I can’t help but hear another Tony-ism… “Hamburgers – bad, fries – bad, coca-cola bad!  There, I said it!”

I didn’t do much differently with my nutrition when I started my fitness journey, which made my results surface much more slowly than they would have otherwise…but I figured it out!  All of these lessons learned…and more that I haven’t mentioned yet – are making me really excited for the release of P90X3 on December 10, 2013.  The word is that there will be 21 workouts in the program, and each of them are 30 minutes long.  The shortest X workout is around 42 or 45 minutes, so this will be quite a change…especially because we have all grown to know and love the thorough warm ups and cool downs of Tony’s workouts.  I am curious to find out if they don’t consider the cool down / stretch at the end of each workout toward the total workout time – or if there is a quick version with the option of using an extended version.  I look forward to finding out!

There are a few more teasers I’ve heard about that I’ll have to look into and post on here.  Open up the pre-order already Team Beachbody!  I’m ready!



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