Hot Air Balloon

This evening Frank and I worked out with Tony Horton in V-Sculpt, which is a wild upper body workout from P90X2.  It is a great mix of pull-ups, different styles of curls with either bands or weights, and lots of plank / stability work.  I really brought it.  I typically use the Chin-Up Max to assist me during my pull-ups and chin-ups, and I have the strap marked at 2 inch intervals so I have a gauge of how much resistance I have against me in comparison to the last time I did the workout.  I REALLY want to be able to increase the number of reps I can do without the Chin-Up Max, so I like to do a few unassisted (if possible) before I finish my target reps with it.

At the beginning of round two there is a move called Entman’s Chin-ups where you grip a medicine ball between your feet during your chin-ups.  They are challenging – but a great move for the core and the back because you are engaging your lower abs a lot to keep the ball in between your feet.  I decided to go for it with an 8 lb medicine ball and no assistance!  Super pumped!  I grabed the bar for my first chin-up and got about half way up, really controlling my breath and staying engaged.  Didn’t make it.  I lighted the ball to 6 lbs and tried again (Frank was done with his reps at that point).  I was really exhaling on my way up…loud enough that when I failed again I start laughing and tell Frank I feel like a hot air balloon trying to generate lift!  So, then with my laughter resulting in a weakening of my chin-up ability…then during my attempts Frank starts making the hotairballoon“CSSHHHHHHH” sound that a hot air balloon makes when it is providing bursts of air to its envelope!  We were having way too much fun and needed to pause it so I could regain my focus : )  I think I managed 4 unassisted during that move…and more partials that I care to count due to my laughter and Frank’s teasing.  What a difference it makes to have a workout partner that helps you not take yourself so seriously.  Failure is what it is all about…if its easy then chances are you’re not initiating change!  Recruit someone to take these workouts on with you – or reach out to others who are challenging themselves with the same workouts through or other social media.  Team up and inspire each other!  Share your successes and failures.  It’s way more fun that way.  I’d love to hear about some of your workout blunders…come on…we’ve all had them: ) Please share in the comments!

All the best,


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