Making It All Fit

You will find that the central theme behind many of my posts is balance.  I promote taking on physically and mentally challenging workouts just as much as I promote taking care of your body by stretching and providing it with proper nutrition to rebuild and refuel.  Finding the balance between intense workout days and recovery days varies from person to person.  It will change as your fitness level changes, and as you age.  It is an ongoing struggle to find balance in your everyday life.  Much has changed in the past few weeks in my household – including a job change for yours truly.  The new job has me moving around much more – I think I could classify my activity level at work as “moderate” now, which is a great improvement from “computer time / sedentary / if my pulse rate slows down any more from all of this inactivity my blood may stop pumping all together.”  My new schedule is pretty much the same, but my travel time now is about 1/6th of what it was before – so I have more time around the house in the morning.  This has nearly tempted me to workout in the AM like I used to – but Frank and I have a good thing going with our evening workouts – and I would hate to lose my workout partner since his morning schedule is a little less predictable.  Instead, I have been going to work a little earlier to get out a little earlier.  So far so good!

In the weeks since I last posted an article Frank and I wrapped up our first round of Body Beast and have started a short hybrid before we start a mean mix of workouts in January with my coach Wayne (of TeamRipped).  Also, my two year fitness journey anniversary came and went on December 10th.  That is when I started pressing play everyday – first with P90X…and all sorts of Beachbody programs since.  I’m still keeping things fresh and fun so I don’t get bored with my routine.  I find that is one of the most crucial parts of this journey – because if you aren’t enjoying the journey then you won’t look forward to pressing play.  Last January marked Frank and I’s first round of P90X2, and it made for a great winter.  This January we are following Wayne’s lead with a Hybrid for strength training by mixing P90X, P90X2, Body Beast, and Asylum.  Wayne is calling the Hybrid BAXX2 – which has a nice ring to it!  Frank and I will likely place the emphasis on P90X2 since it is our favorite program we’ve done so far (and it will be a throwback to how we spend our mid-winter months last year).  I’ll be sure to write more about that soon!

I have to believe that this new job is the place for me because my start date was the same as my fitness journey anniversary.  Funny how it worked out that way!  I know that embarking on my fitness journey is by far one of the best decisions that I have made in my adult life – it makes me happier, healthier, stronger, more productive, more confident…and the list goes on.  I hope I can say the same thing about my new job in the coming years.

Keep your eyes peeled for this female beast’s review of Body Beast!  Keep making good decisions – and continue them into the New Year and beyond!

All the best,

Coach Kimberly

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