Are you wondering what the origin is of the name of this website?  It is an ode to the business that creates workout DVDs like P90X, P90X2, Insanity, and TurboFire.  The name of the business is Beachbody, LLC.  They changed my life by giving me the tools I needed to realize my max potential.

I’d like you to picture Beachbody, LLC as the nutrient rich soil on a beautiful piece of property.  In that soil, roots of fitness are woven from trainers such as Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, and Shaun T into a massive trunk of a well established tree.  Dedicated followers, like you and I, branch out from the trunk of this tree, spreading a canopy of awareness and knowledge about the programs available to improve your fitness and your life.  Many of us started our Beachbody fitness journeys with the goal of simply getting healthy, shedding fat, and gaining strength.  Then, we found along the way that our body can form some impressive muscle, and next thing you know – with continued commitment to the program and dialing in the nutrition side of the equation, you are getting ripped, shredded, Chiseled.  🙂

I love it.  I am not simply a lighter version of my old self…I am a strong chiseled branch of the Beachbody tree.  It’s a fun journey, made even more enjoyable by sharing it with friends, and here at ChiseledBranches.WordPress.com I aim to maintain a place where you can come to find inspiration and motivation to fuel your workouts, in addition to the knowledge and resources to make sound nutrition decisions for yourself.  My name is Kimberly, and I look forward to hearing your story and pressing forward with you as you take on your Fitness Journey.

All the best,

Coach Kimberly, born December 10, 2010.

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